• STEP 1 Place Sticker in Potty

    Your child's pee makes the Magical Transforming Stickers reveal one of 12 adorable Potty Peepz characters each time they use the potty!

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    STEP 2 Note their Progress

    As each character is revealed, place a Reward Sticker of that character next to the corresponding character on the Reward Chart.

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    STEP 3 Receive Certificate

    Present the Potty Super Hero Certificate upon completion of Ladybug's Magical Adventure Reward Chart to reward kids for their efforts and encourage future success.

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potty training set for toddlers girls and boys

Premium Potty Training Set

Premium Potty Training Set includes 36 Magical Transforming Stickers, 3 sheets of 108 Reward Chart Stickers (324 stickers), an 11" X 17" Laminated, Double-sided Reward Chart, 4 Steps to be a Potty Super Hero, Potty Super Hero Certificate, a Tips & Directions Brochure.

  • Magical Stickers transform into one of 12 adorable Potty Peepz characters each time a sticker is placed in any standard child potty and comes in contact with pee.

  • Keep your child engaged by recording their progress on the Reward Chart as they attempt to reveal all 12 Potty Peepz.

  • Each set of 12 Magical Stickers includes one of each Potty Peepz character.

  • Reward their efforts and encourage their continued success with the Potty Super Hero Certificate upon completion of the Reward Chart and finding all 12 Potty Peepz.

  • Remind them of the 4 Steps to be a Potty Super Hero with the place card.

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Potty Peepz Potty Training Presents:

Fun Facts- Did You Know?

Lack of this hormone may be the reason your child still wets the bed...

Did you know that ADH, Antidiuretic hormone is particularly relevant during nighttime when the body's production of this hormone is crucial in preventing excessive urine production and promoting dry nights? The maturation of the ADH system in children is a key factor in achieving nighttime dryness and children develop the hormone at a wide range of ages. The lack of ADH production could be the reason your child is not staying dry at night yet. They may simply be late bloomers and will catch up - so be patient.

Japanese tradition of hair grooming that signifies a child is potty trained.

In Japan, there is a potty training cultural tradition known as "chon-mage," where a small tuft of hair is left on the child's head until they complete potty training, symbolizing their growth and development.

A potty training technological innovation using a sensor in 1937...

An Innovative Potty Training Technology was introduced almost a century ago. As early as 1938, among the first technologies developed to address toilet training was known as the "bell and pad", where a sensor detected when a child had wet themselves at night, and triggered an alarm to act as a form of conditioning.

Ground hedgehog and powdered goat claw were remedies for this...

During the EuropeanMiddle Ages, according to one source "Recommended cures for 'pyssying the bedde'...included consumption of ground hedgehog or powdered goat claw and having dried rooster combs sprinkled on the bed."[2]

The reason it might be impossible to physically potty train a child under 12 months...

A child younger than 12 months has no control over bladder or bowel movements. There is very little control between 12 to 18 months. Most children don't have bowel and bladder control until 24 to 30 months. The average age of toilet training is 27 months.

* Source Stanford Medicine Children's Health