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Get ready for a potty-training adventure like no other! Our Magical Transforming Stickers will have your little ones excited to use the potty in no time. With 36 magical transforming stickers, each one turning into a fun, child-friendly character when a child pees in the potty, your kids will be on a mission to find all 12 characters and help Ladybug reunite with her friends. Track their progress with Ladybug's Magical Adventure Reward Chart & 324 Reward Stickers and recognize their new status with a Potty Super Hero Certificate! Also includes a 4 Steps for a Potty Super Hero Card and Tips & Directions brochure. Potty time just got a whole lot more entertaining!

C) Premium Potty Training Set (36 Magical Transforming Stickers)

C) Premium Potty Training Set (36 Magical Transforming Stickers)

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Premium Potty Training Set Includes: 

  36 Magical Transforming Stickers 

  3 Sheets of (108) 3/4" Reward Stickers (324 Stickers Total)

  11" X 17" Double-Sided Laminated Reward Chart

  Certificate of Completion

  11" X 17" Double-Sided Laminated Reward Chart

  4 Steps to be  a Potty Super Hero Card

  Tips & Directions

                Potty Peepz Magical Potty Training Adventure!

Help your little one become a potty training pro with our Premium Potty- Training Set! Featuring 36 Magical Transforming Stickers, a double-sided reward chart, 3/4" stickers to reward progress, a certificate, and a brochure with potty tips, your tyke will learn potty time easily and excitedly. Get ready to celebrate the success!

 Easy Steps To Potty Train:

Step 1  Place a Magical Transforming Sticker in any dry child toilet (with or without a liner), and encourage your child to pee. When your child's pee contacts the "Magical Sticker", it transforms into 1 of 12 fun, exciting, child-friendly characters.

Step 2  As each character appears, place a Reward Sticker next to that character on the Reward Chart.

Step 3 Present a Certificate of Potty Training Excellence upon completion of the Reward Chart to commend your child's efforts and to encourage their future success.

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