Morgan's Story

Morgan Pritchett was born in July 2002 and was diagnosed with a DIPG brain tumor in October 2007, at the age of 5. She loved arts and crafts, music, singing and dancing, planning parties and dressing up like a princess. Her perseverance and determination throughout her illness despite her physical limitations, were inspirations to the many people whose lives she touched forever. Morgan left us on June 30, 2009.

Potty Peepz began initially without any intention of developing a commercial product, but as a fun idea for Morgan, when she went to the bathroom. As the brain tumor wreaked havoc on her fine motor skills and balance, Morgan was determined to continue to walk each day although each step became more difficult as the tumor and side effects from treatment took its toll. As her strength and energy were taxed from treatment and her balance impaired, what previously had been an effortless stroll to the bathroom became a tremendously labored effort that required extreme focus and determination to maintain her balance on each step.

     To have something fun and exciting for Morgan to look forward to when she went to the bathroom, I experimented with pH indicators and hydrochromic ink. The presence of water in the toilet prevented both pH and hydrochromic ink, from working sufficiently in this application. Morgan eventually succumbed to the disease on July 28, 2008 at 6 years old. 

     Years later I came across thermochromic ink and realized that it would be ideal to use in a child's potty without water present. However, I settled on using thermochromic ink which uses the body temperature of urine, to cause the ink to go clear and reveal the design below, ideal for creating the best potty training product.

     Although Morgan never got the opportunity to see the finished product, a portion of each sale made will be donated to The Cure Starts Now, in Morgan's name. The Cure Starts Now is a non profit charity that funds research to end pediatric brain cancer.. Morgan's mother and father, Ginny and David Pritchett have been intimately involved with the charity for a number of years.

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