Potty Training Boys different methods

How to Pee: Potty Training for Boys. by Dr.Todd Spector M.D.

Potty training is one of the greatest and most difficult milestones for children and parents alike.  Any tool that makes the potty training journey easier or increases the likelihood  of success should be considered. One such tool that can be helpful is potty training books, which come in various forms - some written for parents and others for children. A worthwhile book written on the toddler level is: “How to Pee: Potty Training for Boys.” by Dr. Todd Spector, MD. Published by: Henry Holt and Company.

Creative Methods for Potty Training Boys

This 40-page illustrated book for children details the experiences of Dr. Todd teaching his son to use the toilet and no longer require diapers. The father encourages the child to dress up as different characters each time he has to pee using the  “style” of that particular character.  The different styles that Dr. Todd encourages his son to embrace as he pees are that of a guitarist, cowboy, and waterfall among others. The child’s mother is also involved as she attempts to guess which style the son is using as he goes to the bathroom.

The book is entertaining and funny and written so that a toddler can have it read to them as he follows along with the illustrations by Arree Chung. Each picture depicts the approach of the various characters’ “styles” when peeing. The illustrations are done in a tasteful humorous manner that delivers the message of different creative ways for boys using the toilet to pee. The overall tone is humorous and fun and makes potty training into a more relatable action for boys using to toilet for the first time.

Dr. Todd offers some practical guidelines and tips to parents throughout and at the end offers encouragement and advice to parents with children that are challenging to toilet train. The book is excellent and demonstrates to parents some creative methods to use with boys as they begin to transition out of diapers and offers several different methods that parents can use with their boys.


Any tool that aids parents and children in overcoming the potty training hurdle is worth exploring. "How to Pee" by Dr. Todd Spector presents children with a creative outlook on potty training, potentially serving as the catalyst to engage and inspire your child to embrace toilet use and bid farewell to diapers. For any parent at wits end with potty training, pick up a copy of this book and give it a shot. It could be your savior, good luck!

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