The 3 day potty training method

What is the 3 day potty training method and does it work?

Mastering Potty Training in 3 Days: The Ultimate Guide for Parents

In the Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training we briefly discussed the different potty training methods and went into a little more detail for each in the Comprehensive Guide to Potty Training Methods. This blog post discusses The Three-Day Potty Training Method in great detail. In recent years, the 3 Day Potty Training Method has gained a tremendous amount of popularity as many parents have found success using it. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the three-day potty training method, including its pros, cons, and tips for success.

What is the Three-Day Potty Training Method?

The Three-Day Potty Training Method or Rule, is a popular method and well-known book created by Lora Jensen. It is also known as the intensive or boot camp approach. It is a structured and focused strategy designed to help your child transition from diapers to using the toilet independently in just three days. Unlike traditional methods that take weeks or months, this method aims for quick results by immersing your child in a concentrated period of potty training.  For detailed information go to https:/// where you can learn more or purchase her book or PDF.

How Does the Three-Day Potty Training Method Work?

The premise of the three-day potty training method is simple: dedicate three consecutive days to intensive potty training with a laser focus on consistency and positive reinforcement.

Here's a breakdown of the Three-Day process:

Day 1: Preparation

•Prepare your child: Start by introducing the concept of potty training to your child. Talk to them about using the toilet like a big kid and let them pick out special underwear. • Set up your space: Create a potty training station equipped with a child-sized potty, training pants or underwear, plenty of drinks, snacks, and entertainment to keep your child occupied. • Explain the process: Walk your child through the steps of using the potty, from pulling down their pants to flushing and washing their hands. • Start the timer: Prompt your child to use the potty every 30 minutes to an hour, regardless of whether they express the need to go.

Day 2: Reinforcement

Stay consistent: Stick to the schedule and prompt your child to use the potty regularly throughout the day. • Celebrate success: Offer plenty of praise, rewards, and encouragement for every successful trip to the potty. Consider using a sticker chart or small prizes to motivate your child. • Handle accidents calmly: Accidents are bound to happen, so be prepared to clean up messes without scolding or shaming your child. Stay positive and reassure them that accidents are part of the learning process.

Day 3: Consolidation 

  • Continue the routine: Maintain the same potty training schedule and positive reinforcement strategies from the previous days.
  •  Encourage independence: Encourage your child to take the initiative when they need to use the potty and praise them for their independence.
  • Celebrate success: Celebrate the end of the three-day potty training boot camp with a special treat or outing to mark the occasion.

What is the hardest day of the 3 day potty training method?

For some the hardest day of the 3 day method is day one when the child is just getting used to this new method. For others, it is day two when the newness of it has worn off and the child is no longer focused on training and has a lot of accidents. Usually by day three they have everything down and it's easy sailing, but there are a very small number of children that will struggle days four and five.  

Pros of the Three-Day Potty Training Method:

  1. Quick results: Unlike traditional methods that can take weeks or months, the three-day potty training method offers rapid results, allowing your child to master this skill in just three days.
  2. Structured approach: The method provides a clear and structured plan of action, making it easy for parents to follow and implement.
  3. Intensive focus: By dedicating three consecutive days to potty training, you create an immersive learning experience that helps your child understand and master the concept more quickly.
  4. Builds confidence: Successfully completing the three-day potty training method boosts your child's confidence and self-esteem, setting them up for success in other areas of development.

Cons of the Three-Day Potty Training Method:

  1. Intense: The three-day potty training method requires a significant time commitment and can be physically and emotionally demanding for both parents and children.
  2. Not suitable for all children: While some children thrive with this intensive approach, others may find it overwhelming or stressful. It's essential to consider your child's temperament and readiness before embarking on this method.
  3. Potential for setbacks: Despite your best efforts, accidents may still occur, and some children may require additional time and reinforcement to fully master potty training.
  4. Requires consistency: To be successful, the three-day potty training method relies heavily on consistency and adherence to the schedule. Parents must be prepared to dedicate three uninterrupted days to the process which can be challenging for parents who work regular jobs.

Tips for Success: 

  • Choose the right time: Pick a weekend or extended period when you can focus solely on potty training without distractions or interruptions.
  • • Be patient and positive: Potty training can be challenging, but maintaining a positive attitude and offering plenty of praise and encouragement can help motivate your child.
  • • Stay consistent: Stick to the potty training schedule and reinforce positive behaviors consistently throughout the three-day period.
  • • Prepare for accidents: Stock up on cleaning supplies and be prepared to handle accidents calmly and without judgment.
  • • Celebrate milestones: Celebrate every success, no matter how small, to keep your child motivated and engaged in the process.

Does the 3 Day Potty Training Method work?

The 3 day potty training method has garnered some much deserved praise in recent years as many parents have successfully potty trained their child following it. However, like all everything else with potty training, since each child is different, each child responds differently. Parents often find that a hybrid approach works best by using the parts of the 3 Day Potty Training Method they feel their child will respond positively to and things of their own while leaving out things that their child is not going to respond to positively. This method should be strongly considered as the primary method along with changes to fit the temperament of the child.

Is the 3 Day Potty Training Method the best method?

The 3 Day Potty Training Method has been successful for the vast majority of parents and is considered one of the most successful approaches when using the primary components and adding or leaving out different aspects to fit the temperament of the child. With all things potty training no two children are alike and results will always vary from child to child. 


    Potty training doesn't have to be a long and arduous process. With the three-day potty training method, you can achieve quick and lasting results while instilling confidence and independence in your child. By following the steps outlined in this guide and staying patient, positive, and consistent, you'll be well on your way to potty training success in just three days. Good luck!
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