21 Potty Training Readiness Signs

A Compilation of Potty Training Readiness Signs for Children

The one question parents always have when it comes to potty training is: what age should I start potty training my child. There have been very few peer reviewed research or studies that indicate the ideal age to start potty training children. There has been one study that provides a age range that seems to be optimal for the majority of subjects in the study. However, it did not indicate an exact age for all parents to use as a guideline. 

There is no consensus among experts regarding the ideal potty training age. However, most agree that all children are different and grow and mature at different rates and ages. And children that are not physically capable of controlling their bladder or bowels can not possibly potty train until they can. Thus most experts agree that readiness signs indicate a child is ready to start potty training not age.

However, different experts or studies have different readiness signs to observe. Most research includes around a dozen or less readiness factors which usually differ from study to study. The following chart shows a compilation of the readiness factors from the available articles and peer reviewed research. If the majority of the readiness signs are present, the child is ready to start potty training. The last three columns give the age range that most children display that particular sign.

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