The Major Developmental Milestones of Children

The Major Developmental Milestones of Children

Blog Post: Child Development Milestones: Potty Training Ages & Beyond

Navigating your child's developmental milestones including potty training readiness and other significant moments like walking, talking, teething, and more.

Milestones and Ages: A Comprehensive Timeline

Age Milestone Key Points
0-6 months Motor Skills Developing head control and early muscle strength.
6-12 months Sitting Up Independent sitting prepares for the transition to toilet training.
12-18 months Walking The exciting milestone of taking the first independent steps.
18-24 months Talking Emerging language skills, setting the stage for effective communication.
24-30 months Teething Primary teeth emerge, impacting comfort and potentially affecting eating habits.
2-3 years Potty Training Readiness signs may appear, and introduction to toilet training begins.
3-4 years Motor Coordination Improved control of bodily movements, aiding in the transition to using the toilet.
4-5 years Independence Showing a desire for independence; crucial for successful potty training.
5-6 years Self-Care Mastering basic self-care skills, including using the toilet independently.


Conclusion: From the first steps to potty training success, and beyond each milestone shapes your child's journey. 

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